Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Cheers everyone ! It's Season 3 !

This last month I was mute for a single reason : during my leisure time I was doing straight gaming, learning and optimizing myself to be prepared for this new season. I was also working on the "creation" of my RP-PvP-PvE guild, I'll do another update on this one.

So it's an important date for me, Freakhill and Cromagnonman. After preparing ourselves to high-end PvP at end of season 2, there is the most anticipated Season 3 we were waiting for.

Our 3vs3 objective of this first season is simple : breaking the 1850 points cap with a team based on an Enhancement Shaman on Cataclysme battlegroup (the best French one).

Since the last few weeks, I've changed a lot of thing in my gameplay and adquire hell a lot of automatisms. As said on various other blogs, Pvping is a never-ending learning of your own class and your enemies capacities.

So what I finally plan to do with my PvP points.

Currently :

  • ~60k Honours points : Unfortunatly not capped as I've bought the Talisman of the Alliance two weeks ago as it was one of the only resilience item I was planning to have on my Shameliotank ­©.
    So S3 Girdle, S3 Sabatons, S1 Spaulders and S1 Shield,
  • ~3800 Arena points : S3 Gloves (The 5 Yards bonus is just gamebreaking with my current specs) and S3 Pants. My 40 Stam/12 Agi Epic enchant wait for its owner. Saving the rest of the points.
  • 18 Heroic Badges : Waiting to collect 60 of them for Dory's Embrace. So not for tonight.

About my new specs, I'm now 18/43/0. I'll do also a specific post about this, but I really don't think that you've seen a Shaman spec as mine on your realm. Shameliotank ­© for the win.

Tonight will be Armageddon on the realms, between the Area 52 ganking issues and the 2k+ teams which will be mixed with the 1.5k ones. So I decide that tonight, we will just watch a TV show then going to bed early with some books. I will continue my honour farm to complete my stuff on Thursday and we will probably do our games next Tuesday, so that the 2k+ teams will be at 2k+. We're not crazy at all.

Otherwise I'm now an accomplished Leatherworker, with 375/375. Thanks Patch 2.3 and Drums of Panics available at Honored Shattrah Reputation.

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Casual said...

This is the high-end Arena spec that I use for my enhancement shaman :

I missed about 3 months of play (just came back about a week ago actually) so I was not quite able to stock up 75000/5000 points for a lead on S3 gear. You can see my armory here :

Future plans for Season 3 for me will include a rush for S3 weapons (either axes for racial buff, or fists purely for looks since we are hit-capped through talents). Executioner on MH and Mongoose on OH. WF on MH and FB on OH. FB serves as an extra snare and insures that the OH doesn't eat WF.

I would still reccomend to stack crit and resilience. A shaman can do with 1300ap what no other melee class can, and so long as your MH can ignore armor you have 3 chances for 2000+ crits on anything not wearing a shield on WF procs. You also need to keep flurry up every chance you get, hence mongoose on the OH instead of an enchant to boost AP such as 20str or crusader even (Some call me crazy, but crusader is still good for shaman if you can't get your hands on a mongoose enchant right away).