Friday, 14 December 2007

Really want my opinion ?

Well, Blizzard launched their what-your-feeling-about-your-class thing and everybody is ranti... giving their opinion since.

Draezele had given his own lately, which is quite interesting and I agree with him on most things.

But I strongly, strongly disagree with him on some point as an Enh. Shaman dedicated to PvP.

First of all, people LEARN TO USE A SHIELD. I'm fed up reading people complaining about their Enhancement Shaman in PvP environnement, telling people they would reroll Elem or something to wtfpwn are they were used to Pre-BC. Seeing this state of mind from such a good writer as Draezele makes me sick. Shaman PvPers do use Shield in certain conditions. Let's look a rant about it.

Pretty much summed up right here. Enhancement can be good but it isn't near
consistent enough to be a good spec for pvp. For everytime you steamroll an
undergeared shadow priest you will get torn apart twice by a rogue.

When you fight either rogue, warriors or hunter, do not use your shield is like "hey dude, i'm a little freekill which dreams of two-shotting you with 2H e-peen like I does on clothies unstuffed unbuffed at Alterac".

When I play my brother 31-30 rogue, I love Enhancement shaman because of that. All they will trying to do is to shot me as fast as possible. That finish globally in Evade/Disarm/ROLF.

After millions of battle versus my brother's rogue and the 12540125 mace warriors out there (and their 2.3 hunt rerolls) I have learned that people underestimate the power of armour mitigation. So yes I have specced Shield specialization AND Thougness and yes I have a lot of success versus the "common" rogues and warrior (I still have a lot of problems with those 2.3 hunters which seems to be our anti-class) using the good totems at the right time and kiting/using LOS as much as possible.

What I would love ? Having much more armour if talented. Having an 20% increase on the blocking talent instead of the 5% one. Yeah, that would be definitely faire.

On other points, I pretty much agree with Draezele and I do more for the same price.

Enhancement talents

Guardian Totems : Stoneskin and Windwall totem are jokes. I don't even feel to loose a GCD to pop Windwall versus one of those AP-Boosted Hunters. And about the Grounding totem Cooldown, that that this thing is destroyed by any single dot out there, could you have this also changed please ? Because I mean, eating a dot/moonfire/ all ten second isn't what I call a breaking ability.

Ghost Wolf : Instant with talents, all movement impairing debuffs cancelled. 'nuff said. This would be the perfect reply to all our current cc problems.

Toughness : Much more armor and +70 magical resist stackable with our totems in every slots. Because we need it, because we deserve it. Enh. Shamies need a real PvP mitigation talent, like rogue/hunt/war/[insert random class] This would be the one.

Shamanistic rage : I would just like the 65% anti dispell mechanism that priest have. We can't take out their buff, and any single debuffers could destroy ours.

*New Talent* Unleash rage : Well, our real problem in 3c3/5c5 is our lack our controllable burst. We rely on a WF Proc. Which never arrive when we want it to. What I want is a talent similar to Cold Blood or the other "ILLRAPEYOURFACE" talents that Rogue/Mage/Locks or even Elemental Shamans are. Moreover we have to gem/enchant Resi/HP if we want not to be gibbed in high ratings so we can't stack the crit/strength like warriors or rogue does.

(And I don't even want Elemental Devastation in enhancement talent as suggested, it is real trash. I mean, we do not have the stuff for bi-spec and how often did you seen a spell crit as enhancement ?)


Agree with Draezele on all. Really good idea from him on a dedicated Totem UI, Longer duration (Paladin got theirs, come on !), Increased range, Increased health, Reduced global cooldown and Considering totems as 'physical'. I would add some more :
  • Destroy all the "pulsing" system. I can't count the number of time I was feared inside my Tremor totem range (to be clear, on it) and it pulsed when I was outside. Same for Earthbind. Why do we are the only wich have such a pathetic mechanism ?
  • Sentry totem. /afk lol.
  • Stoneskin and Windwall Totem, as I said before completely useless is today's environment.
And please, i'm sick of farming that oils to buff my team on each single match when warlocks just have to logon 2 minutes before to do the same. It's our single anti-dispell mechanism, isn't it ?

And could we have more efficient fire/earth pets ? Because apart from defending a flag or, I don't see the point on those things.

I don't speak about making us the next Warlocks, I just want to feel that I'm not a forgotten relent of Wow.
Concerning Shaman in general, our class is the like the druids of 2006. Not that beautiful. At Dreamhack and CDS, there wad NO SHAMAN AT ALL. Not a single one. Not even a murloc by the way.
  • All those anti-dispell mechanism introduced with BC (Pain Suppression anyone ?) had broken our beloved dispelling abilities.
  • The 2-shotted WF "mechanism" does work at... 1200 rating perhaps, with every single reroll running with 400 resilience (thanks you guys for the "welfare epics" rant on the the wowsphere those last weeks), so bursting ain't an option anymore.
  • Our totem. Well. Buy the MH Raddy.

Well, enough QQ for today, I got a diner with my collegues, and a lot of Arena to do tomorrow. See you with more news/feelings/emo/rants as soon as possible.


Draezele said...

I agree with you that enhancement shaman should bring shield for PvP, just like warriors should, but I still feel that the Tier 1 talent is weak. Blocking is really only useful against warriors, rogues and the handful of enhancement/ret pallies/ferals you'll face - and only then if they're in front of you. For the rest of the time (including nearly all PvE), those talent points are wasted. Even moreso for other specs since they can't block while casting. I'd rather see a talent that was more generally useful is all.

I loved the "we're the druids of 2006" comment, BTW! :)

Dajay said...

Back from my holidays, i'm glad to see that you have replied here Draezele :°

I agree with you tier 1 has to be more useful. Anyway, happy new year :)