Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Finally 70 !

Okay, this time I finally hit the top spot, I'm part of the 70'crew... with some millions of other people. Well, at least I've made it.

My Enhancement Shaman have now to be stuffed and I've a long way to go to be only elligible to be part of our raid. Yeah, I have to precise, I'm part of Empyrium, a french guild which have the particularity to play without any type of pve-spoils.

Oh... well, i'd better present myself now :

¤ Dajay - Level 70 Enhancement Shaman - Empyrium (well nothing new from above...).
¤ Armory Profile.
¤ Particularity : spreadsheet addict.

This blog will be about Enhancement Shamans DPS/Gaming issues and some Metagaming concerns. Nothing concerning my nice cat nor the last movie I have watch, just straight gaming contents. I was definitly thinking that began this quest at my level 70 would be the best thing to do, nobody want to hear about someones leveling but gearing/template/dps sequence could interest people.

If you're one of those people, welcome here and enjoy.

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