Monday, 3 September 2007

Totem twisting issues

For one simple reason, neither one nor the other of my last two raids was representative, sadly.
The first was my first SerpentShine run, but as I tried numerous things my stats weren't really interesting. The number one thing I have tried was Totem Twisting.

It's definitely works.

To those who don't know, Totem twisting technique is all about buffing your DPS both with Windfury and Air Totem. How is it possible ? Let's look more closely to our Windfury totem : it's not a permanent buff but a 9 second one fixed on your group weapons. So now do you understand what I mean ? Clever use of game mechanics ftw.
Put WF 1 sec, switch it off then put Grace of Air 8 seconds, repeat.
You could also spam a totem twisting macro like this one : /castsequence reset=8/combat/alt Windfury Totem, Grace of Air Totem.

Looks awesome, isn't it ?

But life, even in videogames, ain't that easy. Totem twisting will put you in constant pressure to be handled perfectly. While on a static fight it would be heaven, on "real" end-game fight, maintaining (and obviously watching your timers) your shocks, totem-twisting and stormstrike out of the WF cooldown will be sort of funny. And I don't even spoke about purging, dispelling a drop a urgent heal. And at least, the social thing, people will only notice you've lost ~100 DPS compared to your usual performance, sic.

Other interesting things :

  • Thanks to my current 136 Hit rating, I've missed significantly less than in my two first raids. You'll see that in my next analysis I hope.
  • Double mongoose enchant is just fantastic. I've at least one of the proc up in raid condition, just perfect.
  • In the last raid, I was near a correct ~610 DPS and I still have margin to improve my rotations.
  • Survivability : in the last Grull/Mathghe run, it was obvious that I manage much more easily my enhancement shaman in space.

At last, I'm also searching the perfect DPS UI for a Enhancement Shaman, thanks to a friend (/hug Spycat) I'm going the right way.


Charles said...

I've been reading through some of your recent stuff, this seems like a really interesting blog! I'm leveling an Enhance Shaman right now, and it will be my raid main once he gets there. First in my guild!

I'll have this bookmarked, keep up the good work!

Heleïo said...

So you speak english ?

Just wanna say that 20/31 is tha best rogue template :O

Btw Bisoux mon ptit dajay

Feel free to erase this comment when readed :O


Dajay said...

Thanks a lot Charles, I'll try to feed you with nice news !

Working abroad for an English company, I'd better speak English little rogue :>

P.S : West for life ²

Odon said...

Heleïo, the only 70-rogue with a 60-template xD

Anonymous said...

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