Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Sweet, Sweet, Runic Hammer

Finally I have my height Primal Mights, time to craft my so wanted Runic Hammer.
I'm pretty confident that it is the right choice because of the lack of "competitors" availables. Netherbane on Al'ar don't seems to drop that much and I won't have the Arena points needed for the Gladiator OH in at least 5 or 6 weeks. More and more rumors saying that there will be a 1800-1900 cap to obtain Gladiator weapons in Season 3, it seems that I'll be missing the anticipated Christmas this year.

Another objective to quickly acheive is to obtain the Fel Leather Leggings to replace the one I have. Easy to afford, 3 Gem Slots and +25 Basis Hit rating, I love it. As Skulker's Greaves and Void Reaver Greaves never drop and I won't have the DKP for Cataclysm Legplates anytime soon, it's a pretty nice waiting choice. Tonight, I will up my Consortium Reputation in order to have this pattern as soon as possible.


Race said...

Grats on the Hammer.

The Fel Leather set is remarkably good for Enhancement, the lack of armour/stam hurts a bit for soloing, but for raiding its great.

I swapped out the mail leggings from OH for the pants as soon as I got up to revered with Consortium.

Dajay said...

Thanks, nice grind and guild work for transmutation to have this mace.

But as you'll see in my next post, the lack of stamina actually hurts in end-game raiding due to the "base" damage done by mobs.