Tuesday, 23 October 2007

The 130% Shaman

I've played about 15 hours on the PTR for the moment. I can't do more because I'm saving points for the release of 2.3.

I've done Zul'Aman with my former guild, this instance seems terribly exciting. I had loved Zul'Gurub in his time, Zul'Aman goes on the same way.

Concerning the Enhancement Shaman buffs, it's becoming really interesting. After reading Moliu summary, I decided to give you my one.

Spirit Weapons
Now this talent give no less than 30% passive threat reduction instead of 15 % before and it applies on all physical damages (i.e. Stormstrike and Windfury porc. but not shocks) It's definitely one the most considerable fact of this patch for Pve Enhancements Shamies. Be ready to see some of them seeing a boost on their DPS meters from now on.

Shamanistic Focus
Considering a correct critical strike rate and the 5 seconds of cooldown on shocks, that's simply means an almost permanent 60% reduction on shocks cost in PvE. That's fantastic in terms of shocks rotations. In PvP, that's means that you will be able to use most often the max rank of Earth Shock

Frost Shock
Frost shock is no longer subject to diminishing returns. The FS Rank 1 kiting is back baby ! It will definitely will be a benefit in Arena situation

Shamanistic Rage
Okay, now we got 30% reduction on all damage taken and extra mana regeneration 25% percent of the time we are alive. Though it could be dispelled, in 2vs2 situation when there is often no dispellers in the opposite teams, it could be a way to survive to a deep dps focus (with a nice shield also, don't be fool). I mean, perhaps I will be able to melt warriors face now... Hum. Or not.

Mental Quickness
For the moment I'm at 1128 Ap unbuff in my PvP stuff, the 30% buffs means free 338.4 Spell power. Earth Shock taking 42.86% of SP, considering the base value of this spell, it means that without any stuff bonus on SP, I will have ES between 803 and 837 damage. With SS debuff, between 963.6 and 1004.4 non crits. Yes, this is a major buff both in PvE and PvP. And my lovely Lightning Shield would take also a huge buff with those considering it is taking 100% of SP (33.33% per bolt).

Mana Spring Totem
A flat 66,6% increase of the effect. If there is no Hunters/Rogue, this will be a serious added value in long arena games, not to speak about the considerable buff in PvE.

Water Shield
For PvErs, this is actually a nerf considering the numbers of boss event in which those globes were "freely" consumed (Hydross just as an exemple). But for PvPers, this is a considerable up... That means that if you're not focused or hit, you have a 50 mp5 second regeneration (suggesting that each globe gives ~200 mana). It's simply insane.

Reduced Chain Lightning Bolt Casting time
Well call it nerf or whatever for Elemental Shaman (because of the coefficient change for LB from ~85% to 71%, and CL from 71% to 57%), for us Enhancement it is a buff. First we didn't have any spell damage prior to the 2.3, so let the ele QQ more about the coefficient. Second, CL will not just be used as a way to leave rogue/mage/wars in combat mode as with 2 second cast, it really can be pulled at a right moment to finish an escaper.

Grounding Totem
Well this is the counter-part of all those bonus given. It's actually a big nerf that Grounding totem would die on whatever spell which lands, making us much less vulnerable versus Warlocks and Mages.

And the [Yipi !] bonus.

Reduced the faction required to obtain Drums of Battle and Drums of Panic.

COT2 won't see me for a looooooooong moment.

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