Tuesday, 9 October 2007

PvP, Talents Changes... Some news.

Sorry to have not update this blog this last month, there was a lot of changes both in my gaming and real life. First of all, I was moving with my girlfriend to a new apartment, so I did not have any Internet connection at all except work during a quite long period. Furthermore, there has been some kind of drama in my guild and the debate came at one step to point out the so-called hardcore casual, the one who didn't had the gaming-time to catch the other guildmates on stuff : me, myself and I. As the officers were real friends and I didn't want them to defend me versus this part of the guild, I decided to /gquit.

Finally, I was back on Azeroth yesterday. I decided to commit myself much more on the PvP side of this game for the moment. That and “finish” (sigh.) my reputations.

Although we need some serious training and stuffing, Freakhill and I have done really nice things in our last games. I will have a hell lot of time to PvP now, no more consumables/access quest farming, no more straight 2*4 hours of raiding on my schedule. On an average of 20-25 hours of playing time each week, that really counts.

I have 1150 Arena points at the very current moment and about 5000 honour points. Tonight we hope to add between 250 and 300 more with the 2vs2 team. Let’s look at the items with prices for Enhancement Shaman for season 2 :

Gladiator's Earthshaker (5-piece melee)

[Gladiator's Linked Helm] 1875 Arena Points
[Gladiator's Linked Spaulders] 1500 Arena Points
[Gladiator's Linked Armor] 1875 Arena Points
[Gladiator's Linked Gauntlets] 1125 Arena Points
[Gladiator's Linked Leggings] 1875 Arena Points

I think I’ll definitely go for Season 2 Leggings. Better upgrade for me at the moment imo. On the reputation side, I'll focus definitely for the Cenarion one for the helm enchantment and the Nethercleft Leg Armor pattern. 5 full runs of the instance called Steamvault will be on my schedule this week.

I didn't already change my specs because of some details; I will probably spend a lot of gold at the trainer before setting up my mind about what an Enhancement Gladiator should have for talents.


Odon said...

I PL your arena team for a cheap cost :D

Race said...

If you are serious about PvP, Your best bet is is to go full resto. Enhancemnet is a solid pve spec, but it sucks bad for arena. Perhaps after 2.3 it will be better. I do arena as enhancement, and I'm practically worthless, but I'm just in it for my points to get the weapons.

Dajay said...

I'm sure that with a proper template, itemization and gameplay, enhancement PvP-Boys could also melt faces. It's already the case thanks to people like Falothor but most shamans tend to fall into the stereotype that they just cannot pvp. I disagree and I want to prove it.

Dayday said...

I agree with race, I just specced my shammy full resto and she is basically undroppable with proper resilience and gear, Elem is also a good build for shammies with the burst damage....so yeah enhance sucks for arena....really nice in pve though since you never go oom