Wednesday, 10 October 2007

First try : 0/37/24

Three days that I walk with this new unusual template and a lot of Stamina gems. And I must say that I love it, this thing even reminds me of my good'old hardcore days with my druid, farming a Pvp rank, being the one focused and to-be-ganked as the enhancement spec got a weird reputation on the pvp side.


So, my choices commented:

Enhancement (37 points)

  • Shield Specialization - Rang 5/5 : Because an extra chance to block a hit when I'm focused by two rogues is just terrific for me. And in three days of straight pvp, I definitely learned to use my lovely macro to switch from my 2H to a 1H/Shield. People just think "Hu, Enhancement = Free HK".
  • Thundering Strikes - Rang 5/5 : 5% more CC, hands down on this talent.
  • Improved Ghost Wolf - Rang 2/2 : In theory, this talent seems nice because of the lack of tools we have to escape. Need more practise with it.
  • Improved Lightning Shield - Rang 3/3 : Instant, don't have to do anything except buffing yourself, synergy with stormstrike. A must have.
  • Two-Handed Axes and Maces - Rang 1/1 : Word ?
  • Anticipation - Rang 5/5 : Well, 5% more dodge. Hope they will not see to often an MS Specced Warrior.
  • Flurry - Rang 5/5 : Gimme me Haste ! Flurry 2H is really enjoyable.
  • Spirit Weapons - Rang 1/1 : Well, I will be able to do 5-men sometimes and parry is good.
  • Elemental Weapons - Rang 3/3 : 40% more power to the Windfury effect, I would be Master of the Obvious by saying that any Enhancement need desperately this talent.
  • Weapon Mastery - Rang 5/5 : 10% more damage on all weapons, kk'
  • Dual Wield - Rang 1/1 : Mainly taken for instancing/farming purposes.
  • Stormstrike - Rang 1/1 : Instant attack / Procs WF / 20% damage on next nature attack (i.e. Earth Shock, Lightning Shield or a Bolt) This is all love.

Restoration (24 points)
  • Tidal Focus - Rang 5/5 : I prefer this extra save on my precious mana than a 2.5 sec spell which basically say "Come, come, you have full time to interrupt me baby".
  • Totemic Focus - Rang 5/5 : This talent is just perfect. Specially, when you have about 6k mana in an arena.
  • Healing Focus - Rang 5/5 : I had it with my druid, I have it with my shaman. PvP is all about survivability for a shaman and this talent helps definitely a lot.
  • Totemic Mastery - Rang 1/1 : <3
  • Tidal Mastery - Rang 5/5 : Added chance to crit my (3k3) emergency NS+Healing Wave (Rank 12) or bursting with my Bolts. 10.58% chance to crit isn't bad for a cac.
  • Nature's Swiftness - Rang 1/1 : Imba-versatile talent. Heal, Bolt, Escape, please choose.
  • Focused Mind - Rang 2/3 : Since I have this, I'm saying myself that I should have gone to the full talent, we'll.
Well, what is your feeling about my choices ? Or globaly about Enhancement folks wanting to be competitive in PvP ? How do you deal with Enhancement Shamans when they want to wtfpwn your face ?

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