Friday, 19 October 2007

Some news about Totem Twisting

Finally, we got some "official" information about the use of totem twisting (thanks Wowblues).

Who wants answers? Okay, here's the situation. It's not an
exploit, and no sorry, it's not really considered creative use of game mechanics
either, based on what that term usually is intended to imply. You're free to
take advantage of "totem twisting", but be aware -- we do plan to address it at
some poin
t in the future.
Traduction : Feel free to use it, to abuse it until at least Wrath of the Lich King :>.

And for the one wondering wtf I'm talking about, here is an auto-quote from a previous post on Totem twisting definition :
To those who don't know, Totem twisting technique is all about buffing your DPS
both with Windfury and Air Totem. How is it possible ? Let's look more closely
to our Windfury totem : it's not a permanent buff but a 9 second one fixed on
your group weapons. So now do you understand what I mean ? Clever use of game
mechanics ftw. Put WF 1 sec, switch it off then put Grace of Air 8 seconds,
repeat. You could also spam a totem twisting macro like this one : /castsequence
reset=8/combat/alt Windfury Totem, Grace of Air Totem.

And, just a detail not to be OOM in the middle of the fight : use Rank 1 of the Windfury totem. What people want is the extra attack, the AP is only bonus.

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