Tuesday, 29 January 2008

2008 PvP Logs, Week #3 : 1700 rating, Upgrading Weapons, Finally some PvE ?

Well, sorry but this update will be short.

I have been those 5 last days at a movie festival so my eyes are kinda destroyed now. And I have still have to work on those Excel sheets. /sigh.

Well, last tuesday we have been able to be 1k7 rated which is something really encouraging for us. It still not an e-sport proof © rating but we almost sure of what we are capable of. Tonight we have to confirm that we are able to "survive" in the 1700-1800 bracket but I'm pretty confident about this.

Need More Weapons
I have read a very interesting article from Asirae today, confirming what I have read on EJ concerning weapons buffs. I will do and publish my own tests this week, with longuer testing sessions I think.

Personal message to Asirae : Let anonymous comment on your blog, it's a pain to have to logon on Wordpress >.<.

Tomorrow I will have enough points to pick-up my S2 mace and I will try to put the Executioner enchant on it within the week. I do not think we will be able to pass the 1850 gap if we do not improve our DPS and this upgrade is a huge one for it. I will put my Fool's Bane in OH going for the first time with 2.6 - 2.6. I will probably put an Adamantite Chain on my Runic Hammer and put it out versus spam-disarming teams.

Gain-Loss on MH (Merciless Gladiator's Pummeler vs Fool's Bane) :
♥ 10 DPS, 34 top-end damage, 27 Stamina, 10 Hit
♠ 5 Critical Strike rating

Gain-Loss on OH (Fool's Bane vs Runic Hammer)
♥ 4 DPS, 35 top-end damage, 24 Critical Strike
♠ 16 Stamina, 20 Attack Power

Freakhill has "finished" his Cenarion Expedition reputation, so now he has the nice Glyph of Ferocity patch on his head and has crafted the Nightseye Panther this morning at 2:00 AM. Yeah, he plays the "who-will-sap-the-first" game. If we stay in this bracket, he will indeed have his second S3 piece in two week, he is thinking about taking the pants considering he already has the chest the the S1 gloves.

Cromagnonman is enjoying some retribution spec during is spare time, with me providing him some Windfury totem. He will respec tonight but I'm quite happy to have a Paladin who knows all specifies of his class, as we see and will more and more War-Druid-Retri those days. Ming has posted something about it.

Guild : Karazhan in the next month ?
My happy guild will soon be able to run their first 10 men content aka Karazhan. Some have still to ding 70 and some have to do their access but I'm pretty confident that we will be able to do our first pull by the end of February. I will spec either Resto or Elemental if we have enough physical dps. I'm going to dig on Draezele website for the Resto itemization for sure. Just want to see new things.

I'm really happy that Elellion will be back soon on the PvE Scene. With two raids per week at most and beginning at the end of the BC Experience, I do not think we will be able to kill any major 25-man Boss of this game. But, progress together in another environment than the PvP one could be a really good experience for all of us. Especially when you try to do it withouth any type of Bossmod or spoils. A good way to develop skillshop in PvE imo.

ALT : Victime is levelling.
Having all I could farm on my Shaman, I can at least level my Druid. I am now 61 3/4 and I hope to be 70 by the end of February, playing one or two nights per week. I decided to go Boomkin this morning after seeing that it would be too hard to count on instance-pugging to level quickly. Yesterday afternoon, I lost almost three hours in a pug with people afking or playing so bad that my baby panda cried. I'll stick on farming quests and instancing only with friends.

Btw, I have to post something about how bad is having Blacksmithing and Leatherworking now, particularly if you don't have access to high-end raiding.