Wednesday, 9 January 2008

WTB PvP Epic Gems

With only 3 Alliance guilds in BT/Hyjal on my server, at Teron's level at best, we don't have many choices to find nice gems are even buying nice DPS gear.

So the epics ones are a worthwhile addition to your stuff.

Here is the list of the gems available :

[Bold Ornate Ruby] +20 Attack Power
[Runed Ornate Ruby] +12 Spell Damage
[Gleaming Ornate Dawnstone] +10 Spell Crit Rating
[Smooth Ornate Dawnstone] +10 Critical Strike Rating
[Potent Ornate Topaz] +6 Spell Damage, +5 Spell Crit Rating
[Inscribed Ornate Topaz] +10 Attack Power, +5 Critical Strike Rating

Those gems are fairly equivalent to BT ones, and when we talk about optimizing your gear you should do no compromises at all on farmable content. I have bought lately the [Bold Ornate Ruby] for 6885 honours points and put it on my chest.
I am saving now for the the Battlemaster trinket but I'll focus on obtaining the two others gems asap, beginning with the AP/Crit one.

By the way, I have read this comment today on Arenajunkies :

Enhancement's problem is IMO by far the toughest; it can be kited too easily, invalidating 100% of the shaman's DPS. Making SR undispellable won't fix that, so I don't consider it a fix. Some sort of root, teleport to the target, resistance to snares, something is needed if the spec will ever be anything more than a fun thing to do in BGs and not a guaranteed 1800 rating for all but a minuscule part of the population who are talented and dedicated enough to make it work.

I hope I will be in the "chosen ones" before the beginning of WOTLK. Some have done it, I personally don't think it is impossible even with the problems that our class knows. It will begin by dealing more efficiently with RMP, we have brainstormed a lot about finding a solution lately and read some great articles on it.

And, I decided to do same as Megan and provide you my email adress if you feel to ask me some questions or whatever but do not want to write a comment :


Megan said...

Don't know why I haven't stumbled on your page more frequently, thanks for the semi-shoutout. Hope your Arena is going well, we have one Enhancement Shaman in my guild who does 3's around the 1600 bracket and I try to help him to the best of my ability.

On another note, I'm pretty perplexed why BT gems are superior for PVP yet obtained through PVE, especially 10 Resilience---that should be Honor bought right there. Halaa offers 1 which is UniqueEquipped but I don't get a good feeling in my stomach when I see armories of teams with superior gemming due to the fact that they have access to what drops in BT.

And as a Lock I have bought 0 Honor gems since Season 1, there needs to be more variety, Spell Crit is near useless for me and only Spell Damage is a liability when I have to survive through Warriors and Rogues while being chain dispelled/snared/stunned. More choices wouldn't hurt, where are Honor gems for healing types too?

Dajay said...

I have to say I totally agree with your point.

For example, As an Druid/Enhancement Shaman, I would prefer to have +Strenght gems instead of +AP ones as I team-up with a Paladin with Blessing of Kings.