Wednesday, 23 January 2008

We done it !

We reach the 1k7 rating cap tonight !
On our side we beat War-Druid-Lock 3 times straight, confirming that we were able to deal with those teams. I'll posta little more about this tomorrow, I'm going to bed now. But wow, what a night !


Megan said...

Grats on 1700! Breaking into higher brackets is always exciting. :)

Dajay said...

Thanks Megan :D

Breaking this cap means really a lot of things for us as people said we won't break 1k6 and such with our compo. We really want to show that with a lot of dedication and by sticking with the same small group, people could have nice results.

And, I must say that you have helped us, the "pressure" strategy on RMP did work and we forced a mage to Nova his own Sheep one time ;)

Now we can look forward on the 1k8 rating and I really think that we can have some success in that bracket.

Btw, Next week I will have enough points to buy my S2 Mace, going from a 84 MH to an 97.5 one. Welcome to the worl of real DPS !