Tuesday, 8 January 2008

2008 PvP Logs : Week #1

So after our last "performance", we had a nice PvP Session last night. After having run the 5vs5 to stuff some of our friends to prepare for serious things later in the year, we jumped into our favorite wagon, 3vs3.

Looking up

11-5, leading us to a 1609 rating.

3 losses to the same RMP (Rogue-Mage-Priest, the "hype" combo of the moment) because of lack of controls on either the Mage or the Rogue. We are working trought it, we got some place to improve. The lack of gear of Freakhill (lol 35 resilience and blue/kara gear) is kinda annoying because the guy is gibbed so fast that our Paladin or me ain't have the time to do anything. Versus those very aggressive RMP teams, it could turn in their favor in just a shatter-combo. Fortunatly he definitely knows how to play and he is kinda impressive sometimes. Well, enough flowers.

Our PvP Learning-curve

We are pretty confident that we can enter in the 1700 bracket in the following weeks. We are more and more learning how to play together and it feels kinda nice elaborating strategies, playing nice game, creating our own matrix and simply... having fun.

We have to improve in different ways :

  1. Our communication : we still have some room to improve. Like every other teams.
  2. Our survivability : we talked about Freakhill (rogue) case. Even with my 350-400 resilience I can be burst down to zero in no time by a Mage or an Elemental Shaman.
  3. Our CS rotation (welcome Holy Light / Greater Heal / Healing Wave / Healing Touch)
  4. DPS in a good situation. To unleash our burst, we need to be on the focus. And that's a real art itself.
Concerning myself, I'm working on my dps output as fast as I can. Now I have the whole Gladiator stuff, so the minimum 11k HP / 350 resilience necessary not to be gibbed, end with the benediction of Cromagnonman, our paladin, I'm focusing into improving my DPS.

Template and stuff concerns

I decided to go 0/47/14, as I needed more DPS scaling and improved utilities for my totems. I have also to learn when to ghost wolf when it is necessary.

As I don't have access to PvE gears, I'm focusing on improving my DPS by obtaining the PvP Gems (I will write something about those) and obtaining new weapons : Dragonmaw and Merciless Gladiator's Pummeler.

I'm now collecting the Primal Fires (I'm 13 on 20 now) and Khorium bars (1 out of 3). Primal Earth and Eternium Bars does worth nothing so I don't really count them in this farm. With those I'll be able to craft the first evolution of the blacksmithing mace, then, some heroics later, I'll be able to craft Dragonmaw. Hope to have it by the end of this week or last week. For the S2 mace, if we say an average of 400 points per week, I'll have it in 3 weeks, so this January the 30th.

Nearest to me, there is the nice up to Water Shield, which provides a 50MP5 plus its initial mana bonus. Well, I am definitely think that could help us as Enhancement to be able to sustain long pvp fights which is not really the case now, even by having Water Shield up the whole time.

Finally, I would like to thanks the people who visit my blog and subscribe to my RSS in 2007, hoping that I will provide you in 2008 with a lot more news and facts about being an Enhancement Shaman in Wow.


Asirae said...

Just a suggestion.

You will get more benefit in PVP by using a one-hander like Deep Thunder than getting dual wield.

Trust me .... a WF double or triple proc with Deep Thunder can get you like 7-8k on a clothie. You're lucky to get 1/2 that with dual wielding.

Dajay said...

I am actually in the process of obtaining Deep Thunder. Thunder already crafted and in my bag, just waiting for the Primal Nethers. I have a 119 dps 3.6 mace in my bag for Alterac mainly.

I switch weapons very often. Very often, have about 3 macros binded to my keyboard for this concern.

I was even used to using only my Two-handers but that simply don't works at high-level PvP.

The WF double/triple proc you told about are crit ones on Alterac unstuffed guys. You could NEVER do that on 400-494 resilience toons that you are seeing now at just 1500 rating (the Alterac newbies are at 1200's now). And I don't even talk about non-clothies.

I was an advocate of the 2H weapons a long time, but I have to admit the dual-wielding win hands down when you talk about arenas, where it is almost impossible to solo-gib whatever toon you face.

BUT... In some specific cases, I switch to my slow two-hander : obviously Ice mage at first, because you got so little openers to touch them that you definitely want to hurt them hard when you are in proximity. The thing is that the next time you'll touch them, your SS will probably be up.

I have to duel a lot more to see what weapons are the most adapted to specific situations. It's a really good idea for a post, thanks for your comment Asirae and keep up the good work on your blog ;).