Wednesday, 30 January 2008

2008 PvP Logs, Week #4 : CRUSHED.

1705 to 1555 with a 13-20 record. /o\.

I'm wordless about how we feel frustrated last night. 1/3 of our loose where facing RMP. 1/3 versus Powerlevelling guild which outstuff us. 1/3 where due to RNG.

1/3 : RMP
Well we have faced about 30% RMP teams last night. We killed some of them but most has ripped us down. Actually, we managed in a lot a game to take down the mage but we had taken so much damage to do it that it was easy for them to finish us. Our main problem was Cromagnonman (our Paladin) being silenced/ks at key moments.

2/3 : Outstuff
Between the "old" PvPers which are currently full stuffed, the Powerlevelling guys with S3 weapons and the wagon of PvPvErs who have access to Hyjal/BT stuff, we simply feel "low" sometimes. I can't count how many times we put our focus at less than 5%. Almost all our loses. But there is still those 5 %. On the other hand, we have seen our Paladin completely destroyed in no time on some focus fire when we were thinking to win.

3/3 : RNG
When a Warrior crit you 5 times in a row one time you can cry. When it happens in almost every match you do in one night, you might consider to reroll a class with a "Oh Shit!" button. Something equal to IceBlock, Bubble, Vanish, Swiftmend/HoT/Travel form removing snares, Fear, Feign Death/Trap. Yeah, every class in this game but Shaman got this magic button which able you to do a partial reset of any 1vs1 situation. All I can do is pop out my shield and Shamanistic rage that will be dispelled in no time. But when I pop out my shield, I am gimping by an huge number my DPS and that results in the Focus target not being killed, and you know how reliant an enhancement shaman is in a long match with a base 5700 mana pool. No purge, no Stormstrike, no totem, I am a rogue without any cooldown bringing nothing on the table in this case.

Conclusions ?
Due to our off-team, our gameplay, our composition, we have to win very, very fast. As said yesterday, this morning I had enough point to pop my S2 Mace, I will put Executionner on it tonight or tomorrow. To continue on itemization, I will put asap the Nethercobra Leg Armor patch on my S3 Pants and trying to upgrade my +6 strenght gem to +8 ones. BT gems are unavailable right now on our server (Sargeras-EU), but as there is two guilds facing Illidan now, I hope that in a near future we will have access to those. I am wondering about doing a minor respec also, still discussing with Freakhill.

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