Friday, 15 February 2008

2008 PvP Logs, Week #6 : Rating record, 2.4 Hope

Hello all,

We touch 1748 Wednesday then drop to 1708 after two insane games we lost. We played about fifty games, blowed up some common-RMP, still loosing to the ones with very good execution. It's all about destroying, rampaging, locking the mage in the addition of all I have said in my previous post about them... And don't forget to use your trinket when you are about to be shatter-combo'ed !

The road to 1850
We are sure and confident about our strength. We have beaten some 1800+ teams (playing at 2:00 AM probably helps), we were never clearly out-skilled in the games we have lost. Our main losses were due to bad focus or strategy, never really on a guy screwing up the game like we have seen before. I clearly have to work on my Tremor totem positioning; it is way too easy for my priest/locks opponents to destroy it then fear me or my friends (or both). I need a better timing of my grounding totem: polymorph, cyclone, frostbolt just came to my mind as examples. I also have to re-do my focus macro because it is way too hard to be only dependant on mouseover to cs a target.

Blizzard, we wait for your move
After the chaos on the class forums (the shaman board were the place to be last week-end) we received some indirect feedback from Blizzard.

Quote from Blizzard staff
Second, there is more to come in 2.4 including class changes. I can't say how much as of yet because, again, it's based on testing and what results we get out of it. The developers do have things they want to do. As we go along, we should see more additions to the notes. I still can't give you an idea of just how much though. If we are able to give a better projection on our plans, we will though. I know that it's been a question on many people's minds and has come up many times since the initial notes were released for the PTR.

According to Gangbank Armory, I'm the 3rd Enhancement Shaman in 3vs3 on my ladder (Cataclysme) with 1705, first for Alliance. Cataclysme is considered for French-speaking people as Cyclone for UK. It is just sad that I'm this high in this rating with just 1k7. It's showing clearly where Enhancement Shaman is in the food chain now. As this PTR will probably last at least 2-3 months, I can't wait to see the projects Blizzard have for Shamans.

By the way, I received interesting critics from Blogazeroth community about my design, the lack of graphics and *ouch* my English. I will try to make the most of those comments, beginning by enhancing (ahah) my template and correcting more carefully before I post.

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