Sunday, 10 February 2008

Dedication to your avatar : Serious Casual attitude

Yesterday I have farmed 4k honours points on my Shaman. I'm now 17/25k on the road for my Gladiator's Salvation. I have still to afford two PvP Epic Gems then the 75k for S4 preparation.

The thing is, I would like to have some time to reroll in order to better know the other class mechanisms. I would like to have 9 Level 70 from different classes. And play with them. I will definitely not try to get them all competitive, but I really find that you should have a minimal knowledge of each class to fully understand and enjoy the game, the patch impacts and so much more. And have fun. Megan is my hero on this side.

I have a level 70 Shaman, a level 62 druid, a level 57 warrior, a level 39 *twink* Warlock. I would like to level my druid to 70. I would like to have a 70 disc Priest. I would like to level a Paladin.

But I can't afford that time due to the fact that I want to be competitive with my Shaman, I want my teammates to be proud of me, I want to show them that they were right to put their confidence in me. Remember that I'm no more a very hardcore since more than one year and Naxxramas (best instance ever). I work full time as financial analyst, play typically 3 nights per week and some Sunday afternoon. Other than that, I just chill with my girlfriend or reading. It's between 20 and 30 hours dedicated to gaming per week. I am a big player for my girlfriend, a casual one for my ex-guildmates. I would say serious casual myself (expression stolen from EJ).

This serious casual attitude prevent from being an Alt-aholics given to the fact that I don't have the time to dedicate myself seriously for the moment to more than one avatar. When my Shaman will be completely itemizated, I will take time to move on my druid then other classes. My late comeback in Wow (70 last September) didn't work in my advantage on this level.

All this commitment to a class which is the less played in arena is kinda masochist isn't it ? I am not crazy. I strongly believe that in a soon future Blizzard will make something for us Enhancement in Arena. The little thing we desperately need to be as competitive as rogues or warriors in the arena competition.

Anyway, I'm going to respec 40/21, mainly loosing 6% of PA bonus in the exchange of Nature's Swiftness.

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