Thursday, 7 February 2008

Leaked Shaman 2.4 Notes

All forums are burning this morning with this leaked 2.4 class changes list provided by Boubouille on MMO Champion.

For Shamans :

  • Lightning Bolt: Spell coefficient reduced by $
  • Lightning Overload can no longer proc on instant cast spells. (aka NS+CL won't proc it)
  • Lightning Overload can no longer critically hit.
  • Tremor Totem and Poison Cleansing Totem now pulse every 3 seconds, down from 5.
  • Earth Shield mana cost reduced by 50%
  • Earth Shield now has 6 charges, down from 10.
  • Healing Grace: Now also reduces the chance your spells will be dispelled by 10/20/30%
  • Shaman Gladiator 4-set bonus now reduces pushback by 30%, down from 70%.

So well, if this is true, it is the most, well, Elemental Shamans are messed up. There was debate on the blogosphere about how OP were Elemental Shamans with PI (Power Infusion: Spell damage and healing done increased by 20%.) in 5vs5 Arena. Specially after Inactive release some CLC videos where he has taken insane burst.

Having played Ele only during my Leveling, I don't know how much this nerf will impact for them in arena. But it's definitely a sad day for them.

Btw, the Earth Shield Change is really nice and with the Healing Grace modification, the output will be that it would be less mana efficient for dispeller (~250 mana) to put it off compared for the Shaman to re-put it on (450 mana).

For Enhancement, the Healing Grace talent will helps Shamanistic Rage not to be dispelled as soon as the BIG RED FACE pop up on your already big character (The Common Hey Scrub Dispell Me incentive) but it's nothing really interessant at all. It will just take perhaps one more pure to dispell a 41pt not-so-great talent on a 2mn cooldown. Cool. Shamanistic Rage at this current step is not worth 41pts. The fact is at the opposite of rogues/wars/mages/alltheother we do not have a lot of choices in the other talents trees to do a mix up as Shama first tiers are weak. This make me think that my old 0/40/21 specs could be the only exception.

The only really "nice" thing of this leaked patchnote is that the Tremor Totem/Poison pulsing reduced to 3 seconds. Because I am fed of being feared out of my Tremor Totem range. And it happens almost everytime I face a 'Lock.

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Witch Doctor said...

I hope these notes are fake. The improved Tremor would be nice of course, don't care much about the Earth Shield changes, but reducing the Lightning Bolt coefficient? Ouch.

I'm hoping they'll open the PTR soon, so that we'll get to look at some real patch notes.