Monday, 11 February 2008

Hey, who are you my dear readers?

It's been six months I'm posting here to talk about my experience as a Shaman. I was motivated by reading Phaelia, Megan or Ming with his Naruto schizophrenic attitude. Not finding anything really interesting (or updated) on Enhancement Shaman I decided to create my own diary.

My first idea was to do a heavy PvE theorycrafting blog, with lots of graphs, calculation and so. But life had more imagination than me. Due to personal concerns (I found a new job, have moved house two times in the last year and a girl entered in my life *emo*) it was hard to maintain 4 to 5 raids per week. Then I had to quit my raiding guild, get back in my first lovely guild and decided to have an in-depth look on the PvP side of the game.

Even if playing an Enhancement Shaman ain't the best situation for an ArenaFanBoi, I don't regret this move at all. PvP is the real school of this game : I simply didn't know how to play until the last 6 months and my heavy involvement in arenas and battlgrounds (remember, I was a Naxxramas attuned hardcore raider/theorycrafter pre-BC, 6 raids a week was usual for me).

Now, my little guild is ready for Karazhan (the first will be next Sunday) but our objective is far different as before. We want to farm the PvE content to acquire PvP items. No competition, no who-will-1st-kill-this-or-that, no extensive farming, no more than two raid sessions per week.

So, why are you still reading my blog?
What made you come the first time?
What type of contents do you want to see in the future?

P.S : If you want to find a blog with Enhancement PvE data, check Asirae blog. He updates often and provides really excellent personal data.


Witch Doctor said...

Excellent questions! Let's see.

I think I found your blog through someone else's blogroll, and as I'm always on the lookout for other Shammie blogs I immediately added it to mine. So yeah, I'm a pretty recent subscriber, but I think I can answer the other questions as well.

The reason that I read your blog is twofold: one, I don't know jack about PvP but I'm interested in learning about it. Two, I've played enhancement for a long time on my own Shaman and I've always enjoyed that a lot. That's why the combination of enhancement and PvP is an interesting one for me to read about :)

I also enjoy reading your posts because they are thought out and well written. If I'm not replying much then it's because I probably don't have anything to add to the subject, except maybe "oh, I didn't know that yet".

As for what kind of future content I'd like to see, well, "more of the same" probably sounds a bit lame... How about adding some more screenshots or other graphics?

Asirae said...

Heck. I like anything to do with improvement (pvp, pve, whatever) of your shaman. And the gory details of 'why' something is better in your opinion is always interesting to read.

I love the actual *news* that is posted here. It's usually here first before I read much other sources like Warcraft forums.

Megan said...

I read because I enjoy your tone---you won't jump cookie cutter spec and are actively trying to make one of the least represented specs work for PVP instead of crying about it.

I also like your bonus honor calendar, very useful!

Freakhill said...

Genre ya des gens qui lisent ton blog lol :o

Dajay said...

thanks for your replies, it really helps me building a better website.

@witch doctor : I'm not at ease with graphics or so, it take too much of my time working on it, time I would like to use on effectively writing. But I'll make some efforts.

@Asirae : Thanks for the support, I try to have a blog as updated as possible and you confirm me that I'm on the good way.

@Megan : Hehe, I knew it was a good idea to include this calendar.

@Freakhill : Yep, there is people reading my blogs and my tales about our adventures ;)

Axelrok said...

J'lis ton blog pcq mon enhance shammy est rendu mon main depuis cet été. Il n'y a pas beaucoup de blog sur les enhancements et encore moins qui parle de PVP. J'en fait un peu mais pas aussi intense que toi, plus pour aller me chercher des upgrades pour le PVE :P

Cque j'aimerais lire c'est vos stratégies en arena mais aussi dans les duels. En arena je me fait focusser tlt en premier donc je cherche des trucs pour passer au travers du premier burst. Sur ta recommandation je suis aller me chercher un shield ;)

Keep up the good work !

Necrobutcher said...

This is my first time coming to your blog. I found it through Blog Azeroth Community. I enjoy the PvP aspect of your blog. Also you give a lot of info from a shaman perspective, I love reading about pvp from other classes.

Lilboo said...

I found it from another blog, and was gearing a level 70 alliance enh shammy. I saw your LW leveling guides and thought you knew your business, so I leveled LW. Problem is, I don't PVP, so it hasn't helped me much at all. I've since made the alliance resto and am now working on a horde enh shammy, level 63 so far. I think I'll pursue BS this time :)

Meta said...


I'm reading because I'm leveling a shaman, eventually to take him to Elemental Spec. I currently play a rogue, and would like some more utility.

Good tone, good focus, and not crazy like Ming at all.