Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Bashing Raptor or Making Fun at Naxx... Mmmh... Raptors

Yesterday, I had a dilemna with all my friends going enjoy themselves at Naxxramas. Since it was the single WoW_1.0 instance I didn't finished with my druid, it was appealing. But, it much more important for me at the moment to prepare a correct itemization for the "real" raid content beginning (end of SSC / Eye/ Hyjal / BT) the 20th of this month. Currently my guild is in holiday mode since the 6th, there is no official raids except some Karazhan when there is enough motivated people and pre-TBC contents. For example, Monday night they've rushed whole AQ40 for fun.

Tonight, there will be probably a Kara-run which I will join. I really want to discover the first bosses and drop some weapon, especially the Terestrian one, Fool's Bane.

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