Monday, 20 August 2007

First Real Raid Inc.

So tonight the night, our guild's raid holiday finished yesterday... and I really don't feel THAT ready for it.

I mean, this week-end I've leveled up to 308 in Leatherworking which is great. But during that time, I've spent almost all my money and I still got Gems / Enchants / Consummables to obtain.
Fortunatly, I got some nice friends in game who could help me by loaning me money or crafting goods.

I really wait for a correct itemization in order to be less stressful about all those concerns. Then I'll be more able to focus on gameplay issues and PvP/PvE theorycrafting which is what really interest me.

A little more about my guild scheduling for the new "season" :

  • 6 Raids per Week : 3 SSC / 2TK / Grull's Lair - Math's Lair)
  • Objective : Vashj / Kael'thas dead by end of October.
This week, I registered to both raids of today and Thursday. There is two enhancement Shamans including me, with one spot by raid. So I should raid one to three times a week, depending on my alter-ego availability and needs. Today should be a Maulgar / Grull / Magtheridon run, a classic one for the guild. My first one.

What I really expect from this raid isn't loots (with zero DKP, even if I wanted to...) nor DPS (awfull itemization due to my commitment to leatherworking, more important for me on long term). I want to prove that I could be a more than correct addition to the DPS rotation of my guild, at least with my totem buffs and my global attention to the raid.

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Odon said...

No pb, you have a place in my group xD But I make you a bunch of crit gems to ensure AP-proc :P