Thursday, 23 August 2007

Gentlemen, Choose your Weapons

Choosing your weapon is one of your most important choice as a Enhancement Shaman on World of Warcraft. And it is also one of the most difficult challenge to face.

What does a Shaman wants from his weapons ?

  1. First of all, he wants a slow weapon, both in Main-hand and Off-hand, actually the slowest weapons as possible. Why ? Simply because around 30% of a Shaman DPS comes from Windfury, so you want your Windfury to hit the strongest as possible. And you got to know that since the 2.1 patch WF got a 3 sec. cooldown, that means that the faster is your off-hand, the more you risk to see WF proccing on this same off-hand, which you should not want to see happened because it is your weakiest hand*. Here is a nice graph taken from Malan post on EJ forum :

  2. You want the weapon with the highest base DPS possible, considering the previous factor.

Now that we know how to choose the weapon, let's see what you should spend your DKP at thanks to Spacetotem who created the Shaman Weapon DPS Index (WDI).

Here is his calculation to choose a weapon : ((DPS*Speed) + 0.5*DPS)/3. Seems really logical to me as we knows from above that the more the weapon is around 3.0, the prettier our DPS will be. I just add the Merciless Gladiator calculation to his Index, as it wasn't available when he has done his calculation.

   Weapon DPS Index


1100.22.8110.21.110Syphon Nathrezim

298.72.7105.31.076.6Rod of Sun King



5100.22.6103.51.033.3Rising Tide

697.52.6100.81.033.3Merciless Gladiator's Slow



991.12.797.21.076.1Black Planar Edge


1192.12.695.21.033.1The Decapitator

1291.22.694.21.033Gladiator's Slow

1387.52.690.41.032.9Fool's Bane

1484.32.789.91.075.6Planar Edge

1584.32.789.91.075.6Drakefist Hammer

1687.62.587.610Big Bad Wolf's Paw

1783.72.686.51.032.8The Bladefist

1883.52.480.70.97-2.8Runic Hammer

19100.31.876.90.77-23.4Boundless Agony

2071.72.776.51.074.8Reflex Blades

2198.61.875.60.77-23Fang of Vashj

2283. Edged Axe

2371.72.674.11.032.4Boggspine Knuckles


2571.62.571.610Terrok's Gavel


2765.52.667.71.032.2AH GREEN

2887.51.867.10.77-20.4Emeral Ripper

29100.31.566.90.67-33.4Tracker's Blade

30100.31.566.90.67-33.4Swiftsteel Bludgeon

3162.62.562.610Mag'Hari Fury Bnd

3293.71.562.50.67-31.2Claw Phoenix

3391.11.560.70.67-30.4Gladiator's Fast

So you can see that 100 dps weapons from BT are less valuable than that AH Green you gought for 10 golds.

I've Fool's Bane (#13) as MH and a 2.6 AH Green at OH. As you can see, there is not an huge amount of OH available before BT. As I got 240 Arena points (sic.) and no DKP available, I'll go for that sweet Runic Hammer (#18 but #6 OH) as off-hand with a Mongoose enchant on it.

Now that you have choosen your weapon, you're probably wondering how hard it would hit on mobs ? Thanks to Hedin post and assuming that you've farmed Mana Tomb Heroic for the Totem of Astral Wind, there are the results :

  • MainHand Damage :
    ([Weapon Damage] + [Fully buffed AP]/14 * [Weapon Speed]) * 1.10
  • MainHand Windfury :
    ([Weapon Damage]+([Fully buffed AP] + WindfuryAP + [Totem of the Astral Winds AP])/14 * [Weapon Speed]) * 1.10 * 1.40
  • OffHand Damage :
    ([Weapon Damage] + [Fully buffed AP]/14 * [Weapon Speed])/2 * 1.10
  • OffHand Windfury (2.1 patch mechanic :
    (([Weapon Damage]+AP/14*[Weapon Speed])/2+(WindfuryAP + [Totem of the Astral Winds])/14 * [Weapon Speed])) * 1.10 * 1.40
Hope that this post will help you to find your correct weapons too.

* As a Shaman, your Off-hand will always do half the damage that your main hand would have done with the same weapon.


Anonymous said...


I have a question that refers to the weapon ranking you offer hear.

My shaman has 1400AP/~28%crit/145 hitrating (yes I know, it's too low). Weapons are MH:Fools Bane OH:Emerald Ripper (suxx hard).

Now what I want to know is, how much additional damage would I get overall if I buy an arena MH and put it in my OH.
Is there a bigger dmg boost doing like this or should I take the arena MH in MH for mor dmg?

I think it would be better to put it in OH because of the many MH-windfuries beeing stolen by OH at the moment.

Dajay said...

Exactly Sir.
You'd better take this Merciless Gladiator Slow weapon as your future OH in order to be way more efficient in terms of DPS.

Anonymous said...

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