Thursday, 16 August 2007

Should I consider Blacksmithing ?

Well, I'm currently 239 Leatherworking, my Dragonscale quest done (tip, go on south of Tanaris to skin the Scorpid Scales, the scorpions there have higher drop rate that the ones near the town). I've in bag enough thing to go 300 as soon as I reconnect, probably tonight.

Then I'll have the Knothide Leather to farm (ouch !) to go 375. On the same side, I'm working on my Sha'tar / Scyers reputations to do Drums of Battle and Drums of Panic, as it is the most effective to go 375.

So now, I'm really investigating about going Blacksmithing.


  • First of all, Dragonstrike. Going both Blacksmither and Leatherworker would assure me not to be dependant on instance drops to be very effective with all the "Binded when Picked-up" great stuff.
  • Secondly, doing another crafting on my main will enable me not to re-work on reputation related recipes, which is very important in this game.


  • Skinning is definitely a very good source of revenues. I have a 57-Warrior Alt Skinner, but it won't be as effective to farm with him than to farm with my main.
  • It will take another huge amount of golds to go there (about 5k). I don't want again to lose time going searching mines on noob zones, specially for a profession in which you have to search your ressource and even compete to have a spot. I know mining is very lucrative but just don't have the time to "enjoy" it. At least with skinning, you're going to a cave and just kill mobs without looking the yellow point on your tiny minimap.

Well, what do you think about it ? I would definitely consider other players point of view.


Odon said...

BoP Mace tier 3 is definitely one of the best pre-Hyjal/BT one-handed weapon. If you could handle blacksmithing leveling, then you should go this way.
Regarding loss of Skinning for gold incomes, daily-quests are the way to go. Cons: You need half an hour a day. If you can't, then dailies are not very useful.
LW was my main source of revenue (thanks to the BoE epic mail chest recipe, I get for 120g @ AH... 500g materials & 1 BoP Primal Nether = 1500-2000g chest @ AH). So, it is possible to earn money with LW or BS... You just need the good recipe and some time (and will) to farm heroics for Primal Nether.

Race said...

I've got 375 LW and Skinning on my Enhanement Shaman. I thought more than once, that I wish I had gone Mining, B/S, but the BoP LW items really are damn nice. Some of the BT recipees are great as well.

Dragonstrike might still be the best 1H in the game Syphon and other BT gear included. I' don't know that I'd be willing to drop 5k gold even if I had it to level BS to 375 just for that.

I'm currently using Decapitator, and Runic Hammer. Honestly unless you need some other BS goods, I'd grind out the Arena Weapons, if you cant get any good drops

Dajay said...

Thanks for the advices guys, I appreciate.

For the moment I'll stick to Skinning/LW as I simply don't have the time to farm enough for levelling it quickly. I'll probably have my Merciless Gladiator Set in less than a month and a half or two and it would definitly take more than that to up BS to 375 AND craft the Tier 3 of the weapons.

For the moment, I'll just craft asap the Runic Hammer as off-hand, waiting for the Arena one.