Monday, 6 August 2007

First Karazhan !

Ok, since the last post I've made filled some of my objectives. First of all, I've finished my Karazhan access, crafted my Felfury Gauntlets and almost finished my Vengeance Wrap. I'm curretly working my leatherworking but since I was ill I've been a little late from what I was planning to do.

This week-end, I was part of the pick-up Karazhan of my guild, killing Netherspite, The Prince and doing the Chess Event. The Enhancement Shaman gameplay is really, really different from what I was used to play as a DPS with my warrior or the single time when my drood were feral. I have to get used to it, I've to get used to playing at full a DPS Class instead of the raid healing role I had those two last years. Well, I had also a nice loot on the chess event : Mithril Chain of Heroism : +56 AP, 0.88% Crit, 0.88% Dodge which is a really nice thing, isn't it ? So all my PvP points (which are some rare at the moment) will go to the trinket at first.

Now objective number one : crafting my Ebon Netherscale Set ASAP. I've whole tons of leather to farm, well, if we have to go, we'll go.

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