Friday, 17 August 2007

PvP Matrix

Did I ever precise here that I'm definitely a PvP Fan ?
I love to read each posts of the blogs of Keystone or "God I'm your next Prophet" Ming.

But, there is a consensus saying that Enh. Shaman can't PvP. Well.

I'm from the first players of WoW, doing the stress bêta-test and so. For the love of the lore and the class, I decided at first to play my druid. During two years and a half, from the luxuriants forests of Darnassus to the abominations of Naxxramas, I've loved playing my druid on the PvE side. And I loved the PvP side too. And I remember what people was tolding to druids, early 2005 : Resto. Druids can't PvP.

Seems, that the Enh. Shaman community needs a Ferahgo* too.

Pre-BC, I was a Resto. PvP Druid, a proud one. I got an excellent PvP team with 4 people of it have gone to the Grand Marshall title, which means hardcore PvP, both in terms of performances and availability. Because of work, PvE Objectives and friends to help, I did not go to these, which is one of my regrets from Wow v1.

I want to feel the same with my Shaman, because I deeply think there is quite an underestimate potential in this class. So let's prove this on the ground.

First of all, gather your team.

  • Divayth : the most impressive pvp mage I have played with. No matter he is outgear or focused, no matter what his current specs are, he will able the best of his class tools.
    + High/Burst DPS
    + Crowd Control (Nova, Sheep)
  • Stillgäärh : PvP-Resto druid. He his more and more improving his skills in the PvP Area. As I know well the man behind this keyboard, a pure perfectionnist.
    + Burst Heal (Swiftmend, Nature Swiftness)
    + Crowd Control (Cyclone, Feral Charge)
    + Best dispell Poison spell in game (Abolish Poison)
  • Freakhill : Well, I know much his impressive warrior skills. But this guy IS PvP at hearth and he migrated from his server to engage in my PvP squad with the goal to prove something.
    + DPS
    + Crowd Control (Sap, Blind, Poison)

As for me, I bring my Purging abilities (hello Shadowpriest, Mage, Warlocks), the versatility of my totems and my *sig* uncontrollable DPS (waiting for a correct two-hander to go). Moreover, I could really be a onspot healer if necessary, just by switching weapons I could have +500 healing, which is quite nice to send a quick Lesser Healing Wave or Chain Heal.

So Rogue/Resto Druid/Mage/Enh. Shaman. We need one more, but we didn't decided yet. Paladin, Warrior, Warlock ?

What is your opinion about that ? What is missing from our matrix ?

* Ferahgo : First ever great resto druid videomaker, his video showing him completly owning couple of rogue and warlocks have revolutionized the way people were looking at Resto. Druids in PvP, sending much confidence to the community.


Odon said...

Rogue PoV: I don't think you can rely on Rogue as à C/C. Sap is nearly useless in 5v5 as you need an out-of-combat target. Blind interesting but can be dispell w/o being recast 'cause of the C/D.
Poison: If you don't have a MS war, then you need the rogue heal debuff I think. Not so easy to put on the target even with Kriss (5 stacks needed for MS effect / dispellable). Actually, rogue can be a quite annoying DPS with a dual mace spec.

For your last slot: with a Paladin (I mean Holy), you have a 3-dps team w/o healing debuff. Can be quite hard to kill a target.
Without a Paladin, you have no dispell.

But, I think you should go to a MS War for your last slot. With the help of Windfury totem it could be a great DPS, plus the healing debuff.

Who is really the best ? Go test :p

Freakhill said...

Incoming WF hotfix nerf :P
Incoming rogue up!

So i would reconsider rogues' utility in 5vs5.

I'm still hesitant about whether I should go muti or combat mace. I honestly think that dagger builds (and especially assa) are going to get major love however double mace will still be effective. Moreover with my poor stuff (just 70 rogue rr) arena points won't be overflowing...

Odon said...

I play(ed :p) dagger in PvE but I like to re-spec for Arena... It's awful to think to be behind the player when you're not 'cos of server lag.