Friday, 17 August 2007

Managing Cleave

Yesterday night, I've died on Nightbane two times.
Why ? I didn't manage the cleave area two straight times. 8k hits each, kthxbye ++.

As a healer or feral tank pre-BC, I barely never had to manage those things and it is a harsh request that manage your life as a dps isn't as easy as you could think of it, 30 yards from the action. The reason is for dragon-long-type-beast, the cleave 180° range is not just in front of is mouth, but from the center of his body, which is completly not the same, especially if you were thinking like me that going through his stomac would be okay.

Otherwise, not a single Enhancement Shaman loot on the whole run. I just updated my Violet Ring by going honored on the faction, which is a little consolation prize.


Odon said...

Cleave is 180° front frome the center of the hitbox. Nightbane has a HUGE hitbox. You can actually dps looking to be at 10yards from it.
If you have the choice, Tail-strike is definitely a better one than cleave on this encounter ;)
Next time: Magtheridon's cleave and is freaking earthquake xD

GSH said...

Sweet spot for dragons is beside their hind leg. As odon, mentioned, they usually have very large hit boxes, which makes it easier.