Monday, 6 August 2007

Missing a point

Looking this morning at the TBC Shaman FAQ on the wow website, it seems that the correct ratio for Shammies DPS is 1 AP = 0.5 STR = 0.45 Haste = 0.93 Hit Rating = 0.66 Crit Rating = 0.75 AGI.

This ratio makes agility/crit much less important than Disquette's ones which I've seen on Shamanistic Rage. Moreover, it takes into account the impact of Haste.

I have to precise Haste is not as important for shaman that rogues or warriors for a simple reason : Windfury. Windfury have this 3.0 seconds cooldown on both arms that make you want to have the slower main and off-hands possible. Adding haste is quite a nice bonus, but contrary to rogue/wars it will not perfectly scales as you'll somewhat "miss" Windfury swings.

Otherwise, I've 126 Hit point to find to cap at 17%, this will be a main problem in future.

EDIT : Using the new stats, I've redone my Lootzor list for mail items at short terms.

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